Pattern Day Trading

The NASDAQ officially defines “pattern day trading” as placing four or more round-trip orders over a five-day period. Why is it that some daytraders succeed while others fail to trade successfully in the market? When it comes to day trading, it is found that some particular stocks are better than others.

The way you approach the market psychologically has as much to do with your success as any trading plan. As the prices go up and down, the day trader must be alert as to when to sell his stock or wait for the moment to hold on it. The instrument traded by Forex traders and investors are currency pairs.

A day trader will rarely hold a tock overnight as there are many other opportunities and a stock that takes hours to move is not worth holding. Some people have given up their day jobs to start out as a Day Trader, attracted by the possibility of huge gains on the stock market. Forex day trading is a 2.5 trillion dollars daily business and it is larger than all the stock trading in the world combined.

In order to day trade successfully, you must develop a trading plan and consistently stick to it. Day-trading, which was once the exclusive domain of the floor trader, is now fair game for all speculators. Individuals who attempt to day trade without an understanding of market fundamentals often end up losing money.

Day trading is a full time job – you need to be ready to trade whenever the market shows you a great opportunity. People who operate in the day trade markets are known as day traders. Many day traders only hold positions for a few minutes. Day traders should understand how margin works, how much time they’ll have to meet a margin call, and the potential for getting in over their heads.

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