Is Day Trading Only For Professionals?

In the past, the tools for day trading were available only to professionals. In daytrading the price patterns form very quickly and require a disciplined, automatic response once a trading signal is perceived. Day trading can be a very high paced and stressful lifestyle.

Generally, a day trader should have enough day trading capital to buy at least 1000 shares of any given stock on any particular day. Good day traders do not rush into trades. Keep in mind a day-trader with a computer and access to the Internet already has access to a world of information.

Despite the picture of investing success painted by some day trading companies’ ads, far more day traders lose money than make it. You’ll need to ascertain for yourself whether you are comfortable with the levels of risk inherent in daytrading.. Day Trading can be very risky, so you should only trade money which you can afford to lose totally.

Behind all of the possible financial rewards of day trading lies the potential for financial disaster. Day trading is an inherently variable business. Day traders typically hold stocks anywhere from only a few seconds to several hours but they never keep stocks overnight.

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